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Nourish Your Mind, Body & Spirit

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Figuring out how to care for yourself is a challenge - let us help with a few tips to nourish your mind, body and spirit.

Nourish Your Mind

Going to college is a monumental decision. Some students have moved to New Orleans from another state or even another country, leaving friends and family in another time zone. Others may be the first in their families to go to college, and others still may be transferring from another institution. There are an infinite number of college experiences, but one thing is universal: the feeling of struggling. Now, we’re not trying to sound overly cynical, but it is true. You’ll face challenging courses, tough professors, irritating roommates, bouts of homesickness, and difficult life decisions, all while trying to carve out your own space at Tulane. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of advice for you to draw upon throughout your time here!

Before you come to campus, it’s a good idea to think about what kind of care you might need. Do you need to send your prescriptions at the Campus Health Pharmacy? Do you need to talk to the Goldman Center for Student Accessibility about accommodations? Do you need to connect with CAPS for Counseling Services? Set up your support network in advance and your future self will thank you. Check out campushealth.tulane.edu to see all the resources available and follow the New Student Checklist to stay on track.


Reach out for support. College is a big step to take, and asking for help with the transition is a sign of strength, not weakness!
-Asher Bank '22 



Don’t avoid it - just make an appointment! You can visit the Patient Portal at campushealth.tulane.edu/appointments to book with a provider at either the Uptown or Downtown campus Health Center, and to find information about appointments for CAPS for Counseling Services and The Well for Health Promotion. 

CAPS for Counseling Services provides a safe, inclusive, and affirming community of care for all students. Their team of counselors, psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists foster personal, emotional, and academic well-being. Care looks different for all of us, and may include:

The first time you visit CAPS, you may meet with a clinician for an initial consultation. During this session, you will discuss your mental health concerns with the clinician and work together to determine which resources may be most helpful. This additional step is a great way to find out what will work best for you.

After a consultation, if individual therapy at CAPS is determined to be the best service for you, we will schedule the soonest available appointment with a clinician. Once you begin your sessions, you and your therapist will work together to help reach your goals, manage distress, and move toward improved mental well-being and balance. The number of sessions you meet will depend upon your particular needs, and you may receive up to 12 counseling sessions per academic year (depending on need). This session limit does not include emergency, consultation, group therapy, or psychiatric appointments.


Don't be discouraged if you're homesick or sad. I had so many moments even when I had friends and I was busy. Know that it's normal in college.
-Suki Cheung '23 



In your consultation, you may determine that groups would work best for you. Groups are a great way of getting support through talking with other Tulane students with similar concerns. Check out campushealth.tulane.edu/caps/groups to see what groups are available.

CAPS staff includes Board Certified psychiatrists and a Nurse Practitioner who provide short-term, stabilization-focused medication management care to Tulane students. Because of the time-limited nature of our services, if you are already taking psychiatric medications, including ADHD stimulants, we recommend that you continue to work with your home prescriber, or transfer care to a community provider. If you would like to transfer your care to a New Orleans provider, or initiate longer term services, our Care Coordinator can assist you in identifying a psychiatrist in the community to meet your needs.

Here when you need it. Call or Text The Line, 24/7, at 504-264-6074. When students want to talk to someone right away, you can call or text our crisis line, any time, day or night, for confidential support. (Put this number in your phone! You never know when you or a friend will need it!)


Be polite and kind to campus workers. They are the nicest people you'll ever meet!
-Jojo Wang '22 



Also known as an Incident Report, this form allows anyone in the Tulane community to report concerning behavior. Monitored by professional staff, this form is a great way to ask for help - whether for yourself or others. Make sure to fill out your contact information if you want a staff member to follow up with you. Visit tulane.edu/concerns to fill out a report.

For additional campus health resources and contact information, visit the Campus Health website.

Nourish Your Body

To ensure a safe environment while on campus, Tulane Dining Services have implemented the following updates. Visit diningservices.tulane.edu for more information, including hours of operation. Follow @tulanedining on Instagram for updates and giveaways!

Dining Pavilion & Relocated Concepts 
Tulane University Dining Services is adding a temporary structure dubbed the Dining Pavilion on the Berger Family Lawn, which will act as a secondary all-you-care-to-eat, resident dining location. It will house former retail concepts, The Currier tuk tuk, Healthy TU tuk tuk, Global Mobile food truck and Roulez food truck. We’ve also added a Chef’s Table that will feature entrees and sides. Students and guests will use meal swipes to enter the Dining Pavilion and dine. Our new food truck concept Bowlful will feature all plant-based bowls and will be located on the Academic Quad.


Other Dining Venues 
We have extended dining plan meal swipes to be offered at Le Gourmet featuring Rollin’ n Bowlin’ and Zatarain’s in the LBC Food Court. Zatarain’s will feature Simplified recipes (freshly prepared proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates made without milk, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, eggs, or gluten.)

Existing Dining Venues 
All locations will have a defined entrance and exit to avoid cross flow of traffic as well as capacity restrictions. This will ensure 6 feet of social distance between groups. Directional floor stickers and signage will also aid in the implementation of social distancing. Table-top signage at all dining locations will help encourage guests sitting with “cohort” groups, as well as to signal if the tables have been properly sanitized or are waiting to be sanitized by a clean team member. All dining venues will also feature acrylic plexiglass barriers, as well as full-service stations to help prevent any contact between student/faculty/staff and Sodexo workers.

Safety Measures 
All Sodexo employees will be tested for COVID-19 according to University policy and complete a symptom and temperature check before entering the operation for work. All Sodexo employees will wear masks during work hours unless eating a meal during lunch breaks. Additional training has been added for all employees related to COVID-19 standards of operation. Hand washing and hand sanitizer stations will be added throughout dining operations to encourage hand hygiene. Additional clean teams have been added to each shift to ensure tables and stations are properly sanitized between guests.

Tulane University Dining Services has partnered with the mobile ordering app Grubhub, which will be implemented at all retail locations on campus to allow for contactless ordering and payment, as well as delivery pick-up stations.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our reciprocal dining plan agreement with Loyola University has been suspended until further notice. Tulane dining venues will also be closed to non-Tulane affiliates and the general public.

Nourish Your Spirit

Dear New Tulane Students,

My name is Corey Olivier. I have been at Tulane for 14.5 years serving as the Director for BCM Christian Community and as the Chaplain for Tulane Athletics. I am currently the Chairman for the Tulane Religious Life Council which is made up of Sponsors for all of the Religious Student Organizations at Tulane. I want to welcome you to New Orleans and in particular to our little slice of it, Tulane University.

Take Back the Night

When I think about what I love about Tulane I think about two things: the campus and the students. I love our campus. It is a beautiful place to walk around and it always feels like it is teeming with excitement. As for the students, well without you there would be no Tulane! You bring energy and excitement. These four years will grow and stretch you like no other four years of your life. It’s here where you will launch into your career, make lifetime friends, and have cherished memories that you will share over and over again. As we say, “Only in New Orleans. Only at Tulane!"

If you are a person of faith, I want to encourage you to grow that faith while you’re at Tulane. This is not a time to put it on the back burner or to only pull it out when you haven’t studied for that test and you need some divine intervention. Your faith should be a top priority regardless. Maybe you’ve never been a part of a faith community but have an interest in trying one out. Go for it! Tulane has some wonderful religious orgs that can help you journey through this time in your life, build community with others, and you’ll some of the best free food in the city at their events.

To learn more about the Religious Student Organizations at Tulane, plan to visit the Religious Life Fair on Thursday, August 20th from 10 a.m.  - 12:30 p.m. on McAlister Way. Each group will have a table where you can learn more, sign up to get info, and get some FREE STUFF.

Check out our complete list of faith organizations here. We look forward to journeying with you!

—Corey J. Olivier