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Anusha Rahman

Hello, and welcome to Tulane! I am so glad that you chose to attend Tulane; we are so happy to have you! As you transition into this exciting new chapter of your life, I wanted to send over some tips that I learned throughout my time here at Tulane. The biggest piece of advice I give to students is that the friends you make your Freshman year may not be the friends you remain with for the rest of your college career. As you navigate college, you’ll find that you’ve changed as a person, and the people you connected with when you first start at Tulane may not be the people you connect with in the coming years. That’s totally okay; college is the time for you to figure yourself out and to figure out who you want to have a place in your life.

Lastly, enjoy college! This is the time for you to screw up, fall down, and pick yourself back up. In college you are going to have awful days when you don’t want to leave your room, but you’re also going to have amazing days when you ace a hard test, make amazing memories with your friends, or discover your passion. College is daunting – believe me, I know – but when you graduate, you will look in the mirror and realize that you molded yourself into the person you want to be. Never be afraid to ask for advice, stand up for yourself, and discover who you are.

—Anusha Rahman
Resident Advisor


Shawn Gaines

“Tulane is a place where students can engage in meaningful dialogue while building genuine connections. Tulane students bring a curiosity and criticism to global and local issues that invigorates the way I approach my work. The best advice I could give incoming first year students is to be comfortable with being a little uncomfortable. College is an opportunity to live, learn and grow with others. Embrace the complexity and excitement of your Tulane experience!"

—Shawn Gaines
Resident Director, Monroe Hall


Visit housing.tulane.edu for more information about move-in, hall policies, and leadership opportunities.

Need Help Packing?

Whether you’re moving across the country, or just across Carrollton, getting organized ahead of time will save you a ton of stress on move-in day! We’ve all been there - sweaty from nerves and sweaty from move-in is basically a rite of passage. In addition to making sure you pack all the essentials, take time to review the Move-In Guide and read every email from housing@tulane.edu.


If you’re sharing space, communicate with your roommates about the room ahead of time so you don’t end up with two giant TVs, three futons, and a handful of rugs that are too big and don’t match. Tons of people wait until move-in day to look at the room and decide what decor they need. Roommate information will be in your housing assignment email. If you decide to buy something together, agree on what you’ll do if one of you ends up moving out of the room.

The Housing and Residence Life website has 360 room tours and room information for each building on campus. Take a look at those to get a sense of the space you will have. Not all rooms are identical, but the information on the HRL website is really useful for planning out what decorations you may want to bring

We know you’re getting a lot of mail and a ton of emails, but if you only read two things (the first being this guide you’re reading right now) - make one of them the Move-In Guide.

Sometimes, things fall apart. Whether your light bulb burns out or you see a broken exit sign, go to servicewave.tulane.edu and Service Wave it!

What to Bring

What to pack


  • Umbrella, rain boots & a raincoat (have we mentioned the rain?
  • A light-weight jacket (a lot of classrooms are cold)
  • A heavy coat (it will be actually cold outside at least once a semester)
  • Things that make you happy!


  • Refrigerators
  • Personal air conditioners
  • Any item with an open flame or heating element (candles, toasters, hot plates, etc.)
  • Extension cords (surge strips are ok, extension cords can be a fire hazard)
  • Toilet paper (it's provided)
Mail Time


We strongly encourage you to ship items to campus before move-in day so that we can deliver your shipped items to your room ahead of your arrival on campus. Given current health and safety guidelines, the University will commit to delivering items to your room before you arrive to limit the need for in-person purchases both on-campus and in the community.


Students who follow the shipping instructions and have boxes arrive on campus between July 15 – July 31 will have their packages delivered directly to their assigned residence hall room before Move-In Day. On your move-in day, you will be shuttled to a central location on campus from the Arrival Center and carry the items you brought with you to your building. We highly encourage shipping belongings and purchases to campus ahead of move-in.


All students are assigned a 4-digit campus mail code. Make sure to read your email from packages@tulane.edu carefully to see where to go to get your mail.

If ordering from Amazon, use zip code 70118 and choose delivery to an Amazon locker, either Diboll (our parking garage on the north end of campus) or Stern (an academic building near the A-quad at Freret). Amazon lockers only hold items for three days, so keep that in mind when ordering! 

Read your email from Mail Services carefully. If your mail has been delivered to a locker in the LBC, it is on the Garden Level. Find the correct locker bank and use your Splashcard to get your package. If you’re lost or can’t find the right spot, stop into any of the offices on the Garden Level and ask for help! 

Visit mailservices.tulane.edu for more information about all things mail.