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Names & Pronouns

During introductions, you will be asked to share your name and pronouns. Your pronouns are the words people will use to refer to you. Using the correct name and pronouns - including the correct pronunciation - is an essential part of treating others with respect. If someone doesn’t use pronouns or you aren’t sure, stick to their name. 

Not familiar with pronouns? Practice! Pronouns can be a tongue-twister. Practice introducing yourself with your name and pronouns until you can do so confidently. Practice using they/them pronouns for others or not using pronouns at all!



[Name] [Name] [Name]’s [Name]’s [Name]’s self 

[Name] goes to Tulane I admire [Name] [Name]’s shoes are cute That jacket is [Name]’s [Name] wrote it [Name]’s self

Learn more at mypronouns.org.