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“Even though we’re not first-year students anymore, this is still our first year at Tulane. Embracing the things I did to make friends at my last school - talking to the people who sit next to me in class, forming study groups early, and introducing myself to basically anyone helped me adjust to Tulane, too. Although I was in higher-level courses, my classmates were still open to meeting new people and helping me figure out our class’ Canvas page. Organizing study groups helped me find fast friends in my major and do better in my classes at the same time."

— Shenu Kathymoon
School of Liberal Arts, ‘21



GET INVOLVED Whether you go to the transfer mentor events (which you definitely should), or just browse WaveSync to find a student organization, getting involved right away will help you feel closer to the campus community.

BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS Tulane’s campus is unique. Campus culture and student safety may not be the same as your last school. Take time to really learn about this new place and get your bearings.

IF LIVING OFF CAMPUS, DO YOUR RESEARCH Check out our Living Off Campus section for tips about what questions to ask landlords, what to watch out for, and what your resources are. There aren’t many apartment complexes close to campus, so you’ll probably have to talk to a lot of landlords before finding the place for you. It’s a headache, but will work out in the end! If you’re looking for a room or a roommate, reach out to the Tulane Transfers group or join Tulane Classifieds on Facebook. We can figure it out together.

STUDY ANYWHERE You don’t have to be part of a school to study in that school. STEM majors study in the business school, language majors study in the architecture school. Branch out to find your perfect study spot.

SO MANY RESOURCES! The resources at Tulane may be totally different than your last school. Take some time to look through the dozens of brochures you’ll get and take advantage of all the awesome things available to students here. Definitely download TapRide, use the 12 free sessions you get at CAPS, and go to the Reily Center for a good workout.