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Welcome to Tulane

The New Student & Leadership Programs’ Board of Directors (also known as the “BOD Squad”) is comprised of upperclassmen who help NSLP staff to plan and implement your transition to Tulane. As experienced and successful student leaders, here are their tips to help you succeed:

Lance Brunson
Communications & French ‘22

Lance Brunson

CHOOSING CLASSES Take classes in what interests you. We offer so many classes, and college is meant to explore interests and find your passion.

WHEN YOU’RE STUCK Utilize the tutoring center. It helps to get someone else’s perspective on a hard problem.

MONEY MATTERS Budget your money!! You’ll thank yourself later.

GET OUT THERE Try new things! Join clubs or sports if they interest you. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience in it.


Zack Gronlund
Chemical Engineering ‘22

Zack Gronlund

PEN & PAPER Take written notes in class. You will get distracted on your lap-top, and it’s proven you retain more if you write it down.

FAVORITE STUDY SPOT The business school is the best place for STEM students to study. Trust me.

DON’T TRIP Sidewalks can be literal obstacle courses. Pay attention, especially off campus.

SHOOT YOUR SHOT Apply to everything and anything. You never know what you might get.


Peyton Jernigan
Public Health ‘22

Peyton Jernigan

ON CAMPUS Walk on campus without head-phones in. You’ll see so many people you know!

ORGANIZATION IS KEY Figure out your version of balance - get a planner or use Google calendar!

GET OFF CAMPUS There are a ton of coffee shops and cafes within walking distance of campus. Explore them to find your favorite one.

GETTING AROUND TOWN Learn how to use the streetcars and buses to get around the city.


Patricia Noel
Political Science & Legal Studies in Business ‘22

Patricia Noel

FINDING FRIENDS You might not find your people in your first semester, but eventually you will find your people.

LIVING ON CAMPUS You don’t have to love your roommates, but you should tolerate them.

STAYING HEALTHY Buy Emergen-C and take it every day! Eat some fruits! Go for walks! Stay as healthy as possible.

THE STRUGGLE You will fail in one way or another, but don’t be afraid to let it happen.

HOW TO STAY GROUNDED Call your friends from home.


Tran Nguyen-Phuong
Psychology & Economics ‘22

Tran Nguyen-Phuong

FEAR OF MISSING OUT FOMO is real! Remember that you don’t always have to be doing something or hanging out with someone. It’s okay to take some time to just be alone.

CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE There is no specific “right” way to have a good time at college. Remember that the next few years at Tulane are what you make of them.

IT’S RAINING & POURING Always carry your umbrella - you never know when there will be a spontaneous shower.

USE A PLANNER There are so many campus events, on top of your class deadlines. Stay organized!


Ella Cat Strahan
Environmental Studies, Sociology, & Social Policy & Practice, ‘22

Ella Cat Strahan

FRIENDSHIPS Friend groups evolve and change, but that’s okay! Don’t be scared to branch outside of your friend group, especially in the beginning.

SUSTAINABILITY Small steps make a big impact. Bring your own cup to PJ’s!

GET ORGANIZED Use a planner! Find a way to keep track of everything and stick with it.

APPLY! APPLY! APPLY! Getting involved off the bat can seem overwhelming but will make you feel more at home and will set you up for success!


Mia Schneller
English & Philosophy, ‘22

Mia Schneller

FOLLOW YOUR PASSION Study something you love. Get involved in a few organizations you are really passionate about.

THE ESSENTIALS Get good rain boots and a raincoat. ALWAYS carry an umbrella!

NOLA Get to know the city of New Orleans while you’re here. Try to get off campus at least once a week.

FIND A GOOD STUDY SPOT Find a study spot that isn’t your room, whether it’s on campus or at an off-campus coffee shop.


Tyler Welch
Business Management, ‘21

Tyler Welch

TAKE A DEEP BREATH You don’t have to make your best friends in the first semester. You don’t have to know what you want to major in. Your college journey is going to look completely different than the person next to you and that’s okay! The first few weeks are going to be overwhelming, but you are not alone... You are going to grow and realize that this is your chance to become the person you are meant to be.

REMEMBER YOUR ROOTS Don’t forget about the people and experiences that have shaped you into who you are.


Grace Wright
Political Science & Psychology (Pre-Med) ‘22

Grace Wright

BE KIND TO YOURSELF Practice self-care and be a little selfish when you need to be. College is hard and can be lonely. Reach out if you need help.

WE ALL SWEAT - IT’S OK. Keep extra deodorant and an extra shirt with you in summer.

BE SELECTIVE Now is the time to choose friends who build you up.