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Leadership Workshops

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Campus Life within the Division of Student Affairs offers various workshops grounded in Tulane University’s Leadership Framework for students seeking or currently serving in leadership roles.

Workshops are designed to both promote leadership capacity in students and assist student leaders in building competencies and practicing skills to increase leadership efficacy. Most workshops are designed to be one hour in length.

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Leadership Primer 101

This workshop will provide students with an opportunity to explore the concept of leadership, develop a personal leadership philosophy, and identify ways to engage in the leadership process.

Leadership Primer 201

How do group dynamics and relationships impact you as a leader? What role do you play in a group? Learn more about how to motivate, delegate, and hold others accountable.

Clifton Strengths for Students

Participants will complete the CliftonStrengths assessment developed by Gallup to identify their top five strengths, understand the different aspects of their strengths, and learn how they can use their strengths to excel as leaders.


This workshop focuses on developing and improving communication skills including active listening, public speaking, and understanding different communication styles.

Conflict Resolution & Management

In this workshop, students will develop skills needed to calmly navigate conflict and identify the importance of understanding others' perspective when managing conflict.

Emotional Intelligence

This workshop engages participants in building skills to recognize, understand, and manage one's own emotions in order to effectively manage others' emotions. Active listening and empathy will be explored as necessary skills to being an effective leader.

Ethical Decision-Making

This values-based workshop will empower students to individually reflect and identify what is viewed as important. Students will learn how values influence decision-making and identify techniques for navigating ethically ambiguous situations.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Participants will complete the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)® assessment developed by the Myers & Briggs Foundation to identify and understand their personality type and learn how they can use their personality type in building leadership capacity and leading others. This is a 90-minute workshop and can be expanded to two hours but cannot be completed in less than 90-minutes. Additionally, this workshop requires participants to complete the instrument in advance. At least two weeks lead time is needed by the presenters to adequately prepare for this workshop.

Inclusive Leadership

Students participating in this workshop will understand the concept of inclusion and how it can positively impact their student organization’s dynamic.

We strive to offer universally accessible programs.  If you anticipate needing any type of reasonable accommodation or have questions about campus accessibility, please contact our office at 504-865-5180 or at orientation@tulane.edu.