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Leadership Medallion

The Leadership Medallion is awarded to graduating seniors of Newcomb-Tulane College who have demonstrated leadership capacity through their campus involvements that have exemplified each of the tenets of the Tulane University Leadership Framework.

Students may apply to receive a Medallion during their final semester by reflecting on their leadership experiences while at Tulane and expressing what those experiences taught them about the tenets of the Leadership Framework.

Qualifying experiences for the Medallion can be from a one day workshop to a year-long elected position. There is no shortage of leadership opportunities while at Tulane.

How to Guide

Use the following guide to help you understand the process to apply for the Leadership Medallion.

Leadership Medallion Guide


  • Current enrolled and graduating student of the spring semester applied.
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA at the time of application. 
  • Completed form, can express how different co-curricular experiences taught you about the selected tenets of the Leadership Framework (four out of seven tenets).
  • Advisor/Supervisor confirmation for each experience submitted.

*New Student & Leadership Programs will perform an enrollment verification, GPA, and conduct check on each applicant.

Apply & Deadline

Deadline: March 22, 2021 by 11:59 p.m.

Leadership Medallion Form

2020 Leadership Medallion Recipients
  • John Harris Alexander
  • Antonia Asher
  • Derby Belser
  • Jack Blitz
  • Robin Boch
  • Celinda Chang
  • Eva Dils
  • Allison Foster
  • Lauren Elizabeth Gaines
  • Sarah Gerstel
  • Lela Hill
  • Olivia Johnson
  • Sarah Elizabeth Jones
  • Christina Krisberg
  • Dylan Lucia
  • Mostafa Meselhe
  • Hannah Moses
  • Ishanya Narang
  • Emmanuelle Rosenthal
  • Juliana Sanrame
  • Mark Lee Schaupp
  • Tal Sherman
  • Joseph Sotile
  • Arjun Sree Manoj
  • Temsup Techarukpong
  • Justin Wisnicki